Highest-Quality Education & Performance

Welcome to Keegan Sound & Vision!

Keegan Sound & Vision (KSV) is proud to feature the highest-quality musical offerings in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. Have a look below to explore what KSV can offer you.


At KSV, we believe that students of any age can and will excel in music with proper instruction. Musical skill is only one positive aspect of a “sound” musical education.

Private music lessons can be beneficial for students in so many ways. Students develop an appreciation for music and the arts while learning discipline. Attention to detail is another very important skill music can provide.


Performance is the end result of everything we do here at KSV. Our top-shelf professional musicians are ready to provide music for your event, whatever the requirements. From the subtle, warm textures of a string quartet to the raucous beats of a New Orleans street band, KSV can provide exactly what you require for your event to be a success.


KSV Music Services offers several important but often-overlooked music services for clients.  Here are a few of them explained.

  • Copy/Engraving Work – Sometimes a client has written music, either by hand or with music-notation software, but needs a professional copyist to iron out the rough edges and make the end result beautiful to look at.  We have many years of professional experience and are the most in-demand copyists in Utah.